Deep Dive
Conference 2021

The Saudi National Comprehensive Family Medicine
Review and Update Conference

June 11-14, 2021. Virtual Event

Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues,
It is our great honor, to invite you to DeepDive 2021, the Saudi National Comprehensive Family Medicine Review and Update Conference, which will be held virtually over a span of four days from June 11th through to June 14th, 2021.
Despite the ongoing challenges of the COVID pandemic at all international and national levels and the special pressure on healthcare professionals, we believe that it is our mandate to stay focused, updated and be prepared to meet the healthcare needs of our people. While this is true for all healthcare professionals, it is a must for us frontline staff, who act as the most important first line gate keepers for all patients during their healthcare journey.
Today, the evidence, the healthcare strategists and healthcare policy makers, our people and our national leaders, are firmly positioning Family Medicine and Primary Care at the center of the Healthcare Transformation…a challenge that we are keen and prepared to take head on!
Today, I am very excited to share with you our plans for DD2021, where we will deliver to you the most relevant and updated knowledge that will empower you to serve your patients, your communities, and aid you to excel in your career. DD2021 this year is structured around the six domains of the Model of Care. This year, our conference will cover the educational needs of family medicine and primary healthcare professionals in the areas of; ‘Chronic Conditions’, ‘Urgent Care’, ‘Last Phase’, ‘Keep Well’, ‘Planned Procedures’ and ‘Women &Children’.
To stay committed to our promise and make this conference the most Comprehensive Family Medicine Review and Update Conference, we have invited a group of specially selected faculty professionals from all over the Kingdom. The DD2021 faculty membership represents the great diversity of brilliant minds who are leading and forging the pathway of the practice of family medicine and primary care in the country.
All the material presented is peer reviewed and specifically focused to meet the needs of practicing professionals and those who are in training. So, to our dear residents and interns, you will find DD2021 a reliable and comprehensive source of information to best equip you for your journey in preparing for your exams. I can confidently say that the high caliber of the scientific committee working on this conference, are not only knowledgeable and dedicated, but they are extremely passionate about what they do and ambitious in achieving their goals.
So finally, I whole heartedly invite all of you to join us in, and be part of this transformational journey.
Looking forward, with excitement, to meeting you virtually on June 11-14th.2021.

Dr Hadi Saeed Alenazy

Chairman of the Scientific and Organizing Committee

DeepDive 2021 ..  Sky Is Home.

Target Audience

This conference shall meet the needs of healthcare professionals working in; Family Medicine and Primary Healthcare Centers; Urgent Care Centers and Community Hospitals.
Members of the healthcare team who would benefit from attending this conference are:
• Primary care physicians and other physicians
• Nurses including advance nurse care practitioners
• Pharmacists
• Other allied healthcare professionals
Specifically, this course is ideal for residents and interns preparing for family medicine exams and general medical assessment exams.
All high yield topics will be presented in an easy to follow and easy to digest format.

Goal and Objectives

The conference will provide comprehensive review and updated knowledge that cover the diverse needs of healthcare professionals in Family Medicine and Primary care.

  • Review the common chronic conditions in primary care and family medicine
  • Study the most common and risky Urgent care conditions that can be seen in primary care and family medicine
  • Summarize the knowledge required by primary care professionals in The End-of-life conditions
  • Suggest a practical approach for conditions amenable to planned procedures in primary care
  • Evaluate best practices in Keep Well and prevention
  • Explain all common conditions in Women’s health and Pediatrics

Goals and Objectives

The goal of the conference is to provide a comprehensive review and update of diverse topics that will fulfill the needs of all healthcare professionals, especially those working in Primary Care.
Objectives of the conference include:
• Review and update of the common chronic diseases encountered in primary care and family medicine.
• Review and update of common and serious urgent care conditions encountered in primary care and family medicine.
• Review and update knowledge of ‘End of Life’ conditions encountered in primary care and family medicine.
• Review and update of common ‘Women’s Health and Pediatric’ conditions encountered in primary care and family medicine.
• Suggest a practical approach for providing ‘Planned Procedures’ of relevant conditions encountered in primary care and family medicine.
• Evaluation of best practices that can be implemented in achieving the domain of ‘Keeping well and illness prevention’ in primary care.


Event Tickets

500 SAR

Certificate + CME 


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